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Confessions of a MLM Dinosaur




Greg Arnold, author of the wildly successful The MLM Mangler in King Arthur's Court teams up with network marketing legend and America's MLM Consultant Rod Cook to bring you Confessions of a MLM Dinosaur.

Greg Arnold

What makes Greg the MLM Dinosaur? Simply put, he has been there and done that. Greg built an organization of over 11,000 people in less than a year's time. He accomplished this amazing feat without the help of the internet. Greg also owned a network marketing company which became one of The MLM Insider Magazines "Top 10" companies.

Greg is a top rated MLM trainer, mentor, motivational speaker and MLM Consultant.  His accomplishments have earned him a seat on the Multi-Level Marketers International Association (MLMIA) Board of Directors. Articles about Greg's successes have been published in numerous magazines including Network Marketing Lifestyles, MLM Insider Magazine, Cutting Edge Opportunities and Network Marketing News.

As the MLM Watchdog™ Rod Cook and his staff of 600 field reporters handle a 1000 consulting questions or complaints a week about MLM.  Rod is considered the ultimate MLM "marketing" and consulting inside information source.

For many years, Rod has been the Godfather of MLM. He has been featured on network television, has had his articles published in over 30 magazines, and has served as an expert witness in cases involving network marketing.

Rod also teaches advanced marketing techniques in Tom Schreiter's (renowned author of the "Big Al" series of network marketing books) Power Marketing Workshop.

Rod, who retired as seven-digit "hitter" from Network Marketing, recently worked with CBS's 48 Hours to feature an expose on one well know network marketing company.

Rod Cook

Now is your chance to learn from two of the greatest minds in the industry.

In this fact-filled ebook you will learn:

Why boring is better!

That's right. Boring is better! It is the boring things that everyone else fails to do that will make you a success.. but, only if you do them!

Why Winners Win and Losers Get Eaten!

Learn the 16 ESSENTIAL things you need to do to become a network marketing success. Greg tells it all!

19 Ways to Market Yourself to Success!

Greg reveals his 19 sure fire ways to successfully market your business. You don't have to do them all.. but do what you do consistently.

Greg's Nine "Must Know" Rules of Leadership

Learn from a leader how to be a leader. Learn who writes your paycheck and how to keep them happy.

Learn The Secrets of Attracting the Big Dogs!

All of us wish that we had a "heavy hitter" in our organization. But very few of us do. Learn how you too can attract the MLM Goliaths to your organization.

And Much, Much More!

This ebook contains a wealth of knowledge, much of which is unavailable anywhere else. 

Nothing Held Back!

Have you read ebook after ebook and still can't make things work? There is a simple reason for this... most authors will not tell the secrets of how to really create a huge MLM community.  The truth is it is extremely simple, but too boring for most people to do. 

What is the price of this revealing ebook? Greg sells thousands of copies of his Mangler book through and to industry leaders for training purposes. But Greg, with an arm-twist by Rod, has agreed to make this ebook available to you for one low, low price....

Tom Schreiter

(This is not a mis-print)

That is right. Greg and Rod are giving away this ebook absolutely free! 

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Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Ken Seto

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